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Phần mềm Microcat KIA 03.2011 Multi

Thảo luận trong 'Phần mềm và thiết bị chẩn đoán chuyên dụng' bắt đầu bởi www.maychandoanoto.com, 6/7/11.

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    Microcat KIA 03.2011 Multi

    Electronic parts catalog KIA Microcat contains information about all the KIA car company, including light trucks and vans. Supplied catalog KIA Mikrokat on one DVD, can be installed on the "Winchester" only data or only application (will not be available trucks, buses and older models), or all of the program, a complete installation KIA Microcat the hard drive takes about 12 Gb. Catalog interface KIA Microcat fairly simple and understandable.
    The catalog of auto parts is KIA Microcat search for Vin, the name of spare parts, original number, as well as the applicability of parts. The program KIA Microcat catalog of original accessories KIA (original catalog numbers, full-color photos), but the photos are not all the accessories. The program is entirely in Russian (interface and the name of spare parts), so work with it does not cause any difficulties .

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