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Noncircular Gears: Design and Generation

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    Faydor L. Litvin, Alfonso Fuentes-Aznar, Ignacio Gonzalez-Perez, Kenichi Hayasaka,
    «Noncircular Gears: Design and Generation»

    Cambridge University Press | ISBN: 0521761700 | 2009-09-14 | PDF | 214 pages | 3.34 MB​

    “Noncircular Gears: Design and Generation represents the extension of the modern theory of gearing applied to the design and manufacture of the main types of noncircular gears: conventional and modified elliptical gears, eccentric gears, oval gears, gears with lobes, and twisted gears. This book is enhanced by updated theoretical description of the methods of generation of noncircular gears by enveloping methods similar to those applied to the generation of circular gears. Noncircular Gears: Design and Generation also offers new developments directed to extend the application of noncircular gears for output speed variation and generation of functions. Numerous numerical examples show the application of the developed theory. This book aims to extend the application of noncircular gear drives in mechanisms and industry.




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