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[O-H] Handbook of Diesel Engines

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    Tiêu Đề : Handbook of Diesel Engines
    Ngôn Ngữ: Tiếng Anh
    Đinh Dạng: pdf
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    Klaus Mollenhauer, Helmut Tschöke, Krister G. E. Johnson, "Handbook of Diesel Engines"
    Springer | 2010 | ISBN: 3540890823 | 636 pages | PDF | 23,5 MB

    The diesel engine continues to be the most cost-effective internal combustion engine for motor vehicles as well as road and nonroad engine applications. The diesel engine is superior to all other drive engines in terms of flexibility, performance, emissions and ruggedness, particularly in the context of the current CO2 discussions. The intensive search for alternative drive concepts, e. g. hybrid or purely electric drives, has demonstrated the indispensability of diesel engines for cost-effective long-distance operation and wherever energy carriers have high energy densities, i. e. fuel storage capacities are limited.

    This English edition of the Handbook of Diesel Engines pres a comprehensive overview of diesel engines of all sizes from small single cylinder engines up to large two-stroke marine engines. The handbook is geared toward experts working in research and development and industry as well as students studying engineering, mechatronics, electrical engineering or electronics.

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