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Tài liệu cơ khí [O-H] Sổ tay các tiêu chuẩn thép trên thế giới

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    Tiêu Đề : Sổ tay các tiêu chuẩn thép trên thế giới
    Ngôn Ngữ: Tiếng Anh
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    Get a detailed explanation of HOW & WHY one steel is comparable to another—NO OTHER BOOK currently on the market does this. Completely UPDATED and REVISED, the new edition includes over: • 1,000 new and updated alloys • 1,700 data changes • 5,000 alloys listed from 350 worldwide standards • Expanded table of contents and 4 subject indexes Additionally, Chapter 5 on Pipes and Tubes has been completely rewritten and reorganized. Recently revised A 240 stainless steels that now pertains to pressure vessel and general applications have been added to Chapter 8 on Wrought Stainless Steels, but are also still listed in Chapter 4 on Pressure Vessel Steel Plates. Also, there has been a significant increase of EN standards replacing former national European and UK standards.

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