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Phần mềm Phần mềm chẩn đoán mới nhất cho xe Jaguar / Landrover

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    Jaguar IDS OEM Level Diagnostics

    IDS (Integrated Diagnostic Software) is the Jaguar dealer diagnostic software, which when combined with a genuine VCM interface, and laptop, provides full dealer level diagnostics and programming for all 16 pin Jaguar. Jaguar IDS is the quick and easy way to keep customers happy and win new business by offering the exact same functions as the Jaguar dealers, including;

    Automatic vehicle recognition

    DTC reading and removal

    Complete list of live data streaming for all main ECU’s

    Recordable / playback of live data

    Guided fault finding

    New software flash for existing ECU’s to fix drivability issues

    Programming and installation of new ECU’s (PCM, ABS, Instrument cluster, air bag, fuel pumps etc.,)

    Programming new keys

    Injector coding

    Setting / removing speed limiters

    DPF regeneration

    Any many, many more dealer specific functions

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