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    Author(s): Chudley, R; Roger Greeno
    Subject: Technology
    Category: Technology
    Published: 2005

    Published 2005: The 4th Edition of Construction Technology provides a comprehensive, practical and authoritative introduction to the building process. Guidance on building principles is accompanied with practice standards and, where appropriate, interpretation of legislative requirements. The content provides extensive coverage of low-rise commercial and industrial building techniques. Key features: references to current building regulations, British and European Standards; new chapter on Access and Facilities for the Disabled, as applied to dwelling houses and flats; updated information with regard to energy conservation issues relative to new building work; considers construction procedures from initial planning, through various building and assembly techniques, to installation of services; simple illustrations, defined notes with calculations and tables where appropriate, complemented by a clearly defined layout throughout.
    Công nghệ xây dựng, rất hửu ích cho AE bên lĩnh vực xây dựng.
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