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Tài liệu đào tạo Rotardynamic Pumps: Centrifugal and Axial

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    K.M. Srinivasan, "Rotardynamic Pumps: Centrifugal and Axial"
    New Age Publications (Academic) | 2008 | ISBN: 8122422780 | 520 pages | PDF | 8,7 MB

    Knowledge of the basic fundamentals, design, efficiency calculation and technology of pumps is quite essential in various types of industries. This book Rotodynamic Pumps (Centrifugal and Axial) has been designed keeping this in view. Written by a competent person in the subject, the book provides a detailed information about the theory, design, testing, analysis and operation of different types of rotodynamic pumps, namely centrifugal, radial, diagonal and axial flow types. It helps the readers to design, analysis and regulate the pumps. It details the complete design process, losses and efficiency calculation, computer programmes. Working models have been fully illustrated in the book for better comprehension of the subject.




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