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Safety, Comfort and Convenience Systems

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    Robert Bosch GmbH "Safety, Comfort and Convenience Systems"
    Wiley | English | 2007-06-15 | ISBN: 0470059036 | 404 pages | LQ DJVU | 40 MB

    Safety systems, such as the ESP and airbag, have the greatest importance for the driver. They automatically detect hazardous situations and trigger complex procedures to prevent these hazards to the greatest extent permitted by physics or to make their effects less severe for the car's occupants. Comfort and convenience systems make it easier to use many functions in n the passenger compartment and help make driving pleasant, with a minimum of fatigue. This drivers can concentrate completely on traffic while behind the wheel. Many of these systems have been developed and brought to the production stage by Bosch. Therefore, this technical reference book provides the reader with a firsthand, comprehensive description of these significant components of automotive technology. The texts are complemented by numerous detailed drawings and illustrations.

    Contents-Central themes

    Basic principles of vehicle dynamics - Car braking systems - Car brake systems components - Antilock braking systems (ABS)-Electronic stability program (ESP) - Adaptive cruise control (ACC) - Occupant protection systems- Driving assistance systems - Navigation systems - Traffic telematics

    The target groups
    • Motor-vehicle technicians in education and vocational training
    • Master mechanics and technicians in garage-workshops
    • Teachers and lecturers in vocational schools
    • Students at universities and technical colleges and all those interested in automotive engineering
    About the Bosch Group
    Bosch is the world's largest independent supplier of parts and equipment for motor vehicles. Innovations by Bosch have shaped the development of the automobile. Bosch's dominant technological role in many fields is demonstrated by the fact that it has the most patent applications in automotive engineering in Germany, to the European Patent Office and in the USA.

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