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SolidWorks & SolidCAM SolidWorks 2004/2005 Tutorial Assembly Modeling

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    For the Intermediate SolidWorks User, Ability to create assemblies with multiple configurations. • An understanding of In-context methods as a Top Down assembly modeling approach. • PLATE-B part. • Ability to create, Lock and Redefine External references. • Knowledge to develop and incorporate assembly configurations at various levels
    with the ConfigurationManager and Design Table. Build modeling skill and speed. Project 3 primarily utilizes Pop-up menus and Shortcut keys to execute the tools in the Assembly toolbar. In the Top Down design assembly modeling approach, the major design requirements are translated into assemblies, sub-assemblies and components. You do not need all of the required component design details. The model requires individual relationships between components. There are two methods to begin a Top Down design assembly approach: • Method 1: Start with a Layout Sketch in the assembly. • Method 2: Start with a component in the assembly. In Method 1, all major components are positioned based on a 2D sketch. Relationships between sub-assemblies must be maintained for proper fit. Utilize Method 1 in Project 6.

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