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Tài liệu Biến tần Rich Electric EI-550 Series

Thảo luận trong 'Thùng rác diễn đàn' bắt đầu bởi Escape, 24/11/10.

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    Tham gia ngày:
    Số km:
    Được đổ xăng:
    Mã lực:
    Xăng dự trữ:
    658 lít xăng
    • High-Torque Output
      • High-torque output for 150% torque/1Hz
      • Precise control over a wide speed range
      • IGBT braking unit built-in and optional braking resistor to enable the large braking torque.
    • Multiple Functions
      • 16 multi-speed settings, UP/DOWN selection, jog command…etc.
      • PID control, energy savings control, speed search, auto restarting
      • Full-range automatic torque boost, slip compensation, stall prevention, over/under torque detection, DC injection braking….etc.
      • Remote speed reference: 0~10VDC, 4~20MA. 0~20MA, analog input, multifunctional input and output terminal, analog output monitor, NPN and PNP input signal switch.
      • Copy Keypad function
      • RS422/RS485 serial communication port, MODBUS message format
    • Broad Application
      • Transporting Machine
        • Conveyer
        • Lifting
        • Elevator
      • Public Equipment
        • Industrial Laundry
        • Car Washing Machine
        • Running Machine
      • Flow Machine
        • Fan
        • Pump
        • Blower
      • Food Processing Machine
        • Grinder
        • Mixer
        • Stirrer
      • Printing Textile Machine
        • Printing Machine
        • Textile Machine
        • Dyer
      • Air Conditioning
        • Freezer
        • Air Conditioner
        • Air Compressor


    • Coating
    • Shaker Conveyor
    • Luggage Scanner Conveyor
    • High Speed Depalletizer
    • Multiple Motor Operation
    • Combination Motor Starter Interconnection
    • Glass Container
    • Snack Food Package Collator
    • Textile Facility Rebuild
    • Carpet Fiber Winder
    • EtherNet/IP CM092/CM093 Option with AB Controllogix / Compactlogix Programmable Controllers
    • Commissioning the CM092/CM093 EtherNet/IP Option Kit with the Rockwell BOOTP/DHCP Server
    Link download: http://www.mediafire.com/?t8p7bpj2rkhnv3y

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