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CLB Điện tử - Viễn thông Tài liệu Biến tần Rich Electric EI-Super N Series

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    Smooth operation, precise control and powerful functionality
    EI-Super N is a general-purpose inverter with flux vector control. It directly controls the current or torque in an AC induction motor. EI-Super N is suitable for a wide variety of applications.
    EI-Super N provides smooth start-up at low speeds (1% of rated speed) and precise operation. Its auto-tuning function enables high performance tuning of all induction motors.

    EI-Super N combines four control methods:

    • open loop vector
    • flux vector
    • V/F control with PG feedback
    • V/F control
    From precision machinery to multiple motor drives, EI-Super N proves to be the ultimate drive for all applications.


    • 32bit DSP microprocessor configuration
    • magnetic field oriented flux vector control
    • auto-tune ability
    • available for speed-type servo controller while PG feedback added
    • RS-232/RS-485 serial communication port
    • RS232/TCP-IP interface card
    • capacities from 1HP - 400 HP
    • optional DC reactor available (for reducing harmonic interference from the power supply)
    • multi-language large screen LCD displays the drive status in six languages and a parameter copy mode function.
      • English
      • Chinese
      • Russian
      • German
      • French
      • Spanish
    Any type of machine starts smoothly at low speeds

    EI-Super N features full-scale flux vector current control that directly controls motor torque based on present control theory utilising a magnetic flux observer and neuro-control.
    It features full torque control even at zero speed when PG option is added.
    Precise control over a wide speed range

    EI-Super N features highly precise operation throughout the motor's entire speed range, even under fluctuating load conditions.
    Four controls in one device; the ultimate device for all applications
    Four control methods are included:

    • Standard V/F control
    • V/F control with PG feedback
    • Sensorless flux vector control
    • Flux vector current control with PG feedback
    Simply select the parameters, EI-Super N can be applied to a wide range of applications from servo-like precision machinery to multiple motor drives.
    Factory presets default to sensorless vector control type, but it can be configured to the V/F control mode for applications requiring multiple motors on one device, or set to flux vector current control mode (with PG) for hughly precise vector operation. (PG-B interface card is optional)
    Note: at low speed, high torque and continuous operation, a forced cooling special motor must be used


    • Booster Oil Pumping Station
    • Punch Press
    • Tram Line in Mining Operation
    • Surface Winder
    • Application requirements; V/Hz (2%), sensorless vector (0.1%), or flux vector control (0.01% with motor-mounted encoder and drive-mounted PG-X2 card required).


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