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    Maintenance Fundamentals

    1/ Impact of Maintenance

    2/ Fundamental Requirements of Effective Preventive Maintenance

    3/ Designing a Preventive Maintenance Program

    4/ Planning and Scheduling

    5/ Scheduled Preventive Maintenance

    6/ Maintenance Ebgineering Roles and Responsibilities

    7/ Shaft Alignment

    8/ Rotor Balancing

    9/ Bearings

    10/ Couplings

    11/ Gears and Gearboxes

    12/ Compressors

    13/ Control Valves

    14/ Conveyors

    15/ Fans, Blowers, and Fluidizers

    16/ Dust Collectors

    17/ Pumps

    18/ Steam Traps

    19/ Performance Measurement and Management


    Pass: vinamain.com

    Machinery Component Maintenance and Repair

    Part 1: Background to Process Machinery Maintenances Programming

    Part 2: Alignment and Balacing

    Part 3: Maintenance and Repair of Machinery Components


    Pass: vinamain.com

    Industrial Machinery Repair

    1/ Introduction: Why Use Best Maintenance Repair Practices ?

    2/ Fundamental Requirements of Effective Preventive/Predictive Maintenance

    3/ Maintenance Skills Assessment

    4/ Safety First, Safety Always

    5/ Rotor Balancing

    6/ Bearings

    7/ Chain Drives

    8/ Compressors

    9/ Control Valves

    10/ Conveyors

    11/ Couplings

    12/ Dust Collectors

    13/ Fans, Blowers, and Fluidizers

    14/ Gears and Gearboxes

    15/ Hydraulics

    16/ Lubrication

    17/ Machinery Installation

    18/ Mixers and Agitators

    19/ Packing and Seals

    20/ Precision Measurement

    21/ Pumps

    22/ Steam Traps

    23/ V-Belt Drives

    24/ Maintenance Welding


    Pass: vinamain.com

    Friction, Wear, Lubrication

    1/ The State of Knowledge in Tribology

    2/ Strength and Deformation Properties of Solids

    3/ Adhesion and Cohesion Properties of Solids: Adsorption to Solids

    4/ Solid Surfaces

    5/ Contact of Nonconforming Surfaces and Temperature Rise on Sliding Surfaces

    6/ Friction

    7/ Lubrication by Inert Fluids, Greases and Solids

    8/ Wear

    9/ Lubricated Sliding-Chemical and Physical Effects

    10/ Equations for Friction and Wear

    11/ Designing for Wear Life and Frictional Performance: Wear Testing, Friction Testing and Simulation

    12/ Diagnosing Tribological Problems


    Handbook of Shaft Alignment

    1/ Introduction to Shaft Alignment

    2/ Detecting Misalignment on Rotating Machinery

    3/ Foundations, Baseplates, Installation and Piping Strain

    4/ Flexible and Rigid Couplings

    5/ Preliminary Alignment Checks

    6/ Shaft Alignment Measuring Tools

    7/ Correcting Misalignment

    8/ Alignment Modeling Basics

    9/ Defining Misalignment: Alignment and Coupling Tolerances

    10/ Reverse Indicator Method

    11/ Face and Rim Methods

    12/ Double Radial Method

    13/ Shaft to Coupling Spool Method

    14/ Face-Face Method

    15/ Electronic and Electro-Optical Shaft Alignment Systems

    16/ Measuring and Compensating for Off-Line to Running Machinery Movement

    17/ Aligning Multiple-Element Drive Systems

    18/ Aligning V-Belt Drives

    19/ Bore Alignment

    20/ Parallel Alignment

    21/ Alignment Considerations for Specifics Types of Machinery

    22/ The History of Machinery Alignment


    pass: vinamain.com

    Handbook of Lubrication

    1/ Friction, Wear and Lubrication Theory

    2/ Lubricants and Their Application

    3/ Design Principles


    Pass: vinamain.com

    Hydrodynamic Lubrication

    1/ Friction, Wear, and Lubrication

    2/ Foundations of Hydrodynamic Lubrication

    3/ Fundamentals of Journal Bearings

    4/ Fundamentals of Thrust Bearings

    5/ Stability of a Rotating Shaft – Oil Whip

    6/ Foil Bearings

    7/ Squeeze Film

    8/ Heat Generation and Temperature Rise

    9/ Turbulent Lubrication


    Mechanical Engineer’s Data Handbook

    1/ Strength of materials

    2/ Applied mechanics

    3/ Thermodyanmics and heat transfer

    4/ Fluid mechanics

    5/ Manufacturing technology

    6/ Engineering materials

    7/ Engineering measurements

    8/ General data


    Pass: vinamain.com

    Lubrication and Reliability Handbook

    1/ Lubricants

    2/ Lubrication of components

    3/ Lubrication systems

    4/ Machine operation

    5/ Machine maintenance

    6/ Component failures

    7/ Component repair

    8/ Reference data


    Manual of Engineering Dwaring

    1/ Drawing office management and organization

    2/ Product development and computer aided design

    3/ CAD organization and applications

    4/ Principles of first and third angle orthographic projection

    5/ Linework and lettering

    6/ Three dimensional illustrations using isometric and oblique projection

    7/ Drawing layouts and simplified methods

    8/ Sections and sectional views

    9/ Geometrical constructions and tangency

    10/ Loci applications

    11/ True lengths and auxiliary views

    12/ Conic sections and interpenetration of solids

    13/ Development of patterns from sheet materials

    14/ Dimensioning principles

    15/ Screw threads and conventional representations

    16/ Nuts, bolts, screws and washers

    17/ Keys and keyways

    18/ Worked examples in machine drawing

    19/ Limits and fits

    20/ Geometrical tolerancing and datums

    21/ Application of geometrical tolerances

    22/ Maximum material and least material principles

    23/ Positional tolerancing

    24/ Cams and gears

    25/ Springs

    26/ Welding and welding symbols

    27/ Engineering diagrams

    28/ Bearings and applied technology

    29/ Engineering adhesives

    30/ Related standards

    31/ Production drawings

    32/ Drawing solutions


    Mechanical Engineering Systems

    1/ Introduction: the basis of engineering

    2/ Thermodynamics

    3/ Fluid mechanics

    4/ Dynamics

    5/ Statics


    Gearbox and Differential

    1/ Removal Refitting

    2/ Bench Disassembly

    3/ Gears

    4/ Assembly

    5/ Central Differential Unit: Distributor

    6/ Front Differential Unit: Transmission

    7/ Drive Shafts

    8/ Tightening Torques


    Lubrication and Lubricant Selection

    1/ Basic Principles of Lubrication

    2/ Choice of Lubricant Type

    3/ Lubricating Oils

    4/ Selection of Lubricating Oil

    5/ Oil Supply Systems

    6/ Oil Changing and Oil Conservation

    7/ Greases and Anti-seizes

    8/ Dry Bearings and Solid Lubrication

    9/ Gas Bearings

    10/ Sealing of Lubricants

    11/ Lubricant Testing and Specifications

    12/ Lubricant Monitoring

    13/ Lubricant Handling and Storage

    14/ Health and Safety


    A Textbook of Mechanical Engineering


    Mechanical Engineering’s Handbook


    Diesel Engine Fundamentals


    Mechanical Drawing Problems


    Manual Gearbox Design

    1/ Crown wheel and pinion

    2/ Internal running gear

    3/ Lubrication of gears

    4/ Gear tooth failures

    5/ Crown wheel and pinion designs

    6/ Oerlikon cycloid spiral bevel gear calculations

    7/ Gearbox design – rear-engined racing cars


    What Went Wrong

    1/ Preparation for Maintenance

    2/ Modifications

    3/ Accidents Caused by Human Error

    4/ Labeling

    5/ Storage Tanks

    6/ Stacks

    7/ Leaks

    8/ Liquefied Flammable Gases

    9/ Pipe and Vessel Failures

    10/ Other Equipment

    11/ Entry to Vessels

    12/ Hazards of Common Materials

    13/ Tank Trucks and Cars

    14/ . Testing of Trips and Other Protective Systems

    15/ Static Electricity

    16/ Materials of Construction

    17/ Operating Methods

    18/ Reverse Flow and Other Unforeseen Deviations

    19/ I Didn’t Know That

    20/ Problems with Computer Control

    21/ Inherently Safer Design

    22/ Reactions-Planned and Unplanned

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