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Toyota / Lexus Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ79, Pick-up, Diesel

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    Emergency Relief Items Catalogue 2002 Transport 259 Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ79, Pick-up, Diesel Code Description Ind. price Ship. weight Ship. Vol. TTOYLCPUH79L Toyota Land-Cruiser, HZJ79, pick-up, diesel, left hand drive CHF25’000 1950kg 16m³ TTOYLCPUH79R Toyota Land-Cruiser, HZJ79, pick-up, diesel, right hand drive CHF25’000 1950kg 16m³ Cold chain: No Dangerous: Yes-Transport declaration Regulated: Yes-Registration General information Standard field heavy-duty 4 wheel drive all terrain pick-up vehicle. Choose type according to driving side in the country. Air conditioning is standard. - Can carry 3 passengers. Loading capacity 1000kg passengers included. - More like a small truck than a big car, drivers should be experienced and/or trained. - With normal maintenance, this vehicle can do a minimum of 200,000km in rough conditions. - It is not a permanent 4 wheel drive. The 4WD engages with an electrical switch action. To be specified on order if required: RCRC identification, HF radio, VHF radio. Standard on all vehicles from ICRC stocks: First aid kit, Tool kit. The above specifications are genuine from Toyota, according to our purchase frame agreement. Other equipments is offered as Option/Accessories. Specify the required options when ordering. Specifications Manufacturer model code left hand drive: HZJ79L-TJMRS Manufacturer model code right hand drive: HZJ79R-TJMRS Colour white Diesel engine 6 cylinder, 4200cc, 96kW/129HP High altitude compensator Snorkel intake on air cleaner, cyclone + pre-cleaner Payload (max. recommended) 1000kg Gross weight 3220kg Manual 5 speed gearbox, plus transfer gearbox High/Low range One touch 2WD-4WD electric push button selector Front coil suspension, rear leaf suspension Full floating rear axle Front and rear disc brakes Fixed front hubs (no free wheel) 3 front seats with safety belts, all vinyl upholstery Emergency Relief Items Catalogue 2002 260 Transport AM/FM radio ETR CS (L) 2 speakers Digital cloc

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