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Toyota / Lexus Toyota Wiring Diagram Symbols

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    Complete wiring diagram symbols for Toyota Vehicle, Electrical Circuit Diagnosis ANALOG METER, Diode, ANALOG SPEED SENSOR, DISTRIBUTOR, BATTERY Stores and converts chemical energy into electrical energy. Provides DC current for the auto’s various electrical circuits. BIMETALLIC THERMOSWITCH An automatic switch which opens or closes, depending on temperature. DOUBLE-THROW SWITCH A switch which continuously passes current through one set of contacts or the other. FUSE A thin metal strip which burns through when too much current flows through it, thereby stopping current flow and protecting a circuit from damage. CONNECTOR, HARNESS TO HARNESS A connector in the wiring harness which joins two harness sections. This symbol refers to pin 2 of connector R. IGNITION SWITCH A key operated switch with several positions which allow various circuits to become operational, including the primary ignition circuit. Lamp.

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