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Toyota / Lexus Toyota Yaris Hatch 2007+ QuickLIFT Installation Guide

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    Step 1 - Unpack QuickLIFT kit and verify contents. Step 2 - Gather the required tools. Step 3 - Mark lower center of bracket hole Prepare to work on the passenger side, middle of the hood frame. B. Place the bracket with the ball-stud facing outward or away from the engine. The back side of the bracket should be close to the rounding metal hood frame with the ball-stud slightly below the center of the crease. Use the photos to the right and the following steps to clarify this location. C. Using a permanent market, then a center punch, mark the center of the lower hole. We do not give any measurements for this given the small hood and curved surfaces, we feel you can locate it visually with these photos.

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