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Mazda Engine Repair Information Mazda RX7 1983- 1996

Thảo luận trong 'Ô Tô' bắt đầu bởi vothanhtam19, 20/1/11.

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    ENGINE CODING,ENGINE IDENTIFICATION,Engine identification number is stamped on front engine housing behind the distributor. ENGINE REMOVAL & INSTALLATION Removal 1) Remove hood and disconnect battery ground cable. Drain engine oil and coolant. Remove engine under cover. 2) Disconnect following electrical wires: Primary and secondary ignition wires at coils, pick-up coil wiring connections, condenser lead, oil level sensor lead, temperature sensor and oil thermo sensor (except California vehicles). Exploded View of Rotors & Eccentric Shaft Assembly. Remove air cleaner assembly. Disconnect the following, tubes and hoses: Oil hoses at cooler, radiator hoses, automatic transmission cooler lines (if equipped), heater hoses, fuel supply and return lines, vacuum and evaporative hoses, and air pipe at rear of intake manifold. DISASSEMBLY To ease engine disassembly, manufacturer recommends use of Remove exhaust manifold, engine mount and distributor Remove, oil filter and cover from front housing. On manual transmission models, remove clutch assembly. Use puller to remove flywheel. On automatic transmission models, remove drive plate. Use puller to remove counterweight. Remove seals and springs on remaining side of rotor, and store in order for reassembly. INSPECTION & OVERHAUL. Rotor Bearing Replacement Place rotor bearing on support so internal gear is facing downward. Using rotor bearing replacer (49 0813 240), without adapter ring, press bearing out of rotor.


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