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Tài liệu đào tạo AspenTech HYSYS v3.2 Phần mềm hữu ích cho ai quan tâm đến thủy lực!

Thảo luận trong 'Các vấn đề về thủy lực & ứng dụng' bắt đầu bởi khoadongluc, 6/10/09.

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  1. khoadongluc

    Nothing Is Impossible
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    AspenTech HYSYS v3.2

    Mấy phần mềm này mình sưu tầm được, cài đặt và chạy ngon lành tuy nhiên mình chưa có thời gian nghiên cứu
    nguyên bản giới thệiu tiếng anh
    "HYSYS 3.2 is the second minor release on the HYSYS 3 series and builds on the significant advancement in simulation technology offered in HYSYS 3.01 and 3.1. As with every AspenTech product, it reflects our commitment to delivering Process Asset Lifecycle Management within a platform that is the world leader in ease of use and flexibility, and sets the standard for an open engineering environment. This version provides the technology framework to support Steady State process design, Dynamic operability and management, Asset Planning and Utilization and Real Time Optimization. This allows you, our customer, to further leverage your modeling investment to obtain real business benefits.

    HYSYS 3.2 was designed with three main purposes in mind. One to deliver the first level of integration between HYSYS and the Aspen Engineering Suite products since the combination of Hyprotech and Aspentech. Second, improve the Upstream capabilities of HYSYS by providing a Upstream option which delivers new thermodynamic capabilities in Black oils and PVT as well as improved integration with Upstream well and flowline modeling tools. Thirdly to continue to add engineering enhancements for both steady state and dynamics that will enable users to extract more value from HYSYS"
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  2. emthickSYM

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    xin hỏi ai có hướng dẫn bằng tiếng việt không ? hoặc hướong dẫn cụ thể cách sử dụng?

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