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Cơ bản Bạc đạn (Bearings) & Bánh răng (Gear)

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    1 cặp Roller Bearings lắp đối diện nhau :


    Các dạng Bánh răng (Gear)


    Bevel gears
    Rack and pinion
    Sun and planet gear

    Animation of sun (yellow) and planet (red) gear

    A type of non-circular gear

    Harmonic Drive gear

    Bánh răng Hypoid (Hypoid gears)

    Hypoid gears resemble spiral bevel gears, except that the shaft axes are offset, not intersecting. The pitch surfaces appear conical but, to compensate for the offset shaft, are in fact hyperboloids of revolution.Hypoid gears are almost always designed to operate with shafts at 90 degrees. Depending on which side the shaft is offset to, relative to the angling of the teeth, contact between hypoid gear teeth may be even smoother and more gradual than with spiral bevel gear teeth. Also, the pinion can be designed with fewer teeth than a spiral bevel pinion, with the result that gear ratios of 60:1 and higher are "entirely feasible" using a single set of hypoid gears.

    Bánh răng Hypoid là dạng răng xiên - xoắn => trục răng láp khớp vào bánh răng vi-sai cầu sau loại này giúp hạ thấp gầm xe :
    Hypoid gear in a differential

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