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Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Pajero IO 1999 Owner’s Manual

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    This owner’s manual handbook will ad to your understanding and full enjoyment of the many line features of this vehicle. It contains information prepared to acquaint you with the proper way to operate and maintain your vehicle for the utmost in driving pleasure. Table of content : General information, locking and unlocking,seat and seat belts, instrument and controls, starting and driving, for pleasant driving, vehicle care, for emergencies, maintenance, specifications. Installation of accessories, before fitting any accessories, please consult your authorized mitsubishi dealer. Electronic immobilisers, doors, kettles entry system, child protection rear doors, central door locks, engine hood, backdoor, manual window control, electrical window control, sunroof. Instruments, speedometer, tachometer, odometer/tripmeter,fuel gauge, water temperature gauge, indication and warning lamps, combination headlights, dimmer and turn signal switch. Widescreen wiper and washer switch, rear window wiper and washer switch, hazard warning flasher switch. Periodic maintenance and troubleshooting.

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