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[O-H] COMPUTERIZED ENGINE CONTROLS Eighth Edition by Steve V. Hatch

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    COMPUTERIZED ENGINE CONTROLS Eighth Edition by Steve V. Hatch
    English | 660 pages | Delmar Cengage Learning; 8 edition (June 12, 2008) | ISBN-13: 978-1428399969 | PDF | 11.331 MB

    Get the resource no technician should be without! Now in its 8th edition, Computerized Engine Controls continues the tradition of its predecessors: strong, solid coverage of both domestic and import engine control systems, which provides readers with the foundational knowledge needed to diagnose and repair any electronic system on any vehicle. Thoroughly updated to offer insight into the latest technological advances found on today's roads and highways, the 8th Edition examines such cutting-edge topics as hybrid and fuel cell vehicles, GM's 42-volt system, hexadecimal conversion and OBD II, multiplexing, and more. This updated edition also includes new content that will help electrical concepts come alive and all-new coverage of logic gates, taking the magic and mystery out of the computer. For technicians who are interested in increasing their diagnostic effectiveness on today's vehicle electronic systems, this book is an absolute "must"!Kindle textbooks are functionally equivalent to the print textbook. In some cases, individual items such as ancillary images or multimedia have been removed for digital delivery due to rights restrictions.
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